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Jumpstart Your New Donor Funnel Using Social Media Ads the Smart Way

Learn how to harness the power of Meta (aka Facebook and Instagram) Ads to reach new donors and advance your mission.


Your nonprofit can’t grow without reaching new donors.

Your nonprofit doesn’t exist without donors. Their continual, generous support fuels every good deed and every person impacted.

But finding those amazing donors? It can be exhausting. Not to mention confusing to navigate changing social algorithms and best practices.

If you’ve already tapped all your friends, lost your voice making cold calls, and are hearing crickets when you post online…

…there’s an easier, better way to find donors without wasting your time or money!


Make your social ads work for you. Not the other way around.

We know audience targeting has changed…but don’t erase social ads from your marketing toolbox yet. We’ll show you how to use Meta's targeting tools to your FULL advantage!

For the first time, we’re offering this training for FREE. During the webinar, you’ll learn how to use lookalike audiences to:

  • Get the MOST out of your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Use your existing audience to generate NEW leads
  • Gain more TRACTION for your in-person events
  • Feel CONFIDENT advertising on social media
  • Generate the RESULTS your team is looking for

Plus, I’ll show you real-world examples of nonprofits doing it RIGHT!


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Ben Stewart

Louder Agency, Marketing Lead

If you get frustrated with social media’s pay-to-play model, you’re not alone. I know how complicated it is to figure out Meta’s Ad Manager…especially when the model is always evolving. That’s why I’m so excited to provide this training for free. I’m passionate about helping nonprofits tell their stories better and reach donors who share their commitment to making the world a better place. With a background in digital marketing and vocational ministry, I’ve spent nearly two decades working with mission-driven brands, and I look forward to helping you reach your marketing goals with Meta Ads.

Your next donor is waiting for you.

Don’t miss out on donations from people who share your passion for making a difference. Instead, start reaching the right people and growing your donor base.


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