How to reach more of the right people online using a healthy mix of traffic types.

You’re doing great work in the world. Lives are being changed and you’re making the world better.

If only more people knew about your work, they would join your mission and you could do even more good… right?

Many organizations who do incredible work struggle with raising awareness online. But without new people joining your community, you simply can’t grow.

Today, Ben’s sharing how to reach more of the right people by considering the various traffic sources that exist online.

Remember, relational marketing is about building positive and valuable long-term relationships between you and your audience. And we build those marketing relationships the same way we build any other relationship… starting with awareness.

Your audience needs to know you exist before you can build a relationship with them. And that takes intentional action on your part.

Check out today’s video to learn more 👇👇👇

Today’s Action:

After watching the video, create a spreadsheet with the following four columns:

  • Traffic Type
  • Traffic Channel
  • Audience
  • Notes

Start filling in your spreadsheet by listing out what you are currently doing for each traffic type. Then go back through and ask “What could we be doing?” for each type based on the examples given in the video.

By the end of this series you’ll have five tabs that tell you what intentional actions you need to take for each step of your Relational Marketing Map.

What’s Inspiring Us

Nothing beats a warm, hearty bowl of soup on a chilly day. It just makes everything better.

And it’s even more comforting when it’s dropped off by a friend. Since I can’t take homemade soup to all my friends and family when they need a little pick-me-up, I’ve been loving Spoonful of Comfort.

When the founder found out her mom had cancer, she wasn’t able to immediately travel to see her and wanted to do more than just send flowers. She really wanted to give her the gift of comfort and love her the way moms know best: chicken soup.

What started as a way to care for her own mother from afar turned into an entire company. Now you can send gourmet soup gift baskets to anyone in the country! While I personally can always go for a creamy bowl of tomato basil, they have all the classics: chicken noodle, corn chowder, broccoli cheddar, chicken and wild rice, and the list goes on.

And maybe needless to say, but this isn’t sponsored—just a gift tip from one soup-loving friend to another!

Your digital marketer neighbors,

Ben, Janelle & Chris
Nonprofit Amplifier

Next Steps

When you’re ready, here are 2 ways we can help you grow your nonprofit and amplify your mission:

Free Workshop Feb 21 – Get help mapping out your ideal audience journey using the Relational Marketing Map and define the critical actions you need in place at each step so you can build valuable long-term relationships with your audience.

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